Management Services

Management Services

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Our management services offer a comprehensive service for both companies and professionals. We will personally take care of the complementary aspects of your business so that you can focus on the everyday details of your work. To make sure you don't worry, we'll manage those more time-consuming issues, such as everything related to proceedings with different public organisms (donations, inheritance, certificate proceedings, those related to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or obtaining a business license.)

We believe it is essential that our clients obtain personalised, friendly and professional advice and service. We will clear up your doubts, both in person and on the phone/ email, and we will take care of all financial, administrative and bureaucratic tasks that you wish to pass on us, in a timely manner, and with a price that is reasonable and goes in line with the demands of the work to be done. We do not inflate prices and we do not add additional hours. You will pay only for the work done.

Our efficiency is the key to the confidence our clients have in us.

Inheritances, Donations, Successions

In our consultations, we set aside all the technical terms to inform you about every detail of those aspects you have doubts about, with the guarantee of a complete knowledge of the current legislation.

We offer the following services, among others:

    • Management of aspects related to the donation and succession tax.
    • Management of inheritance allocation deeds in the different Land Registry Offices.


    Management of certificates and processes

    We are aware that your time is valuable, which is why we offer to process all types of certificates in public registers. Our experience will help you through the processes that are necessary in every circumstance, personal or professional, in the right moment.

    We offer the following services, among others:

    • Corporate or trademark Name Check ('Consulta de Denominación Social').
    • Request and renewal of the Corporate/trademark name certificate.
    • Info. on the legal situation of a land or property.
    • Info about assets registered by an individual.
    • Birth, death and marriage certificates.

    Bureaucratical proceedings and admin on the 'Dirección General de Tráfico' (Driving Licences)

    You may want to leave the management and admin to secure your driving licence to us. You can forget the paperwork and the long queues, and put your time to more efficient use. We can take the pain of dealing with this one and other admin tasks for you.

    We offer the following services, among others:

    • Buy & sell Management services
    • Drivers license renewal.
    • Registration of cars bought within the EU.

    Obtaining and handling Business Opening Licences

    Las licencias de apertura conllevan la presentación de determinada documentación que le costará tiempo y esfuerzo reunir. Olvídese de solicitudes por duplicado, altas, proyectos, licencias y fotocopias. Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo mientras usted continúa con su actividad diaria. Le ofrecemos un servicio cómodo y eficaz, siempre teniendo en cuenta las posibles variaciones de la legislación local, autonómica y nacional.

    Business Licenses require certain documentation to be put together to ensure prompt issuing. This inevitably takes considerable time and effort.  With our services, you will not have to double send your application due to oversights and mistakes as well as additional body registrations, formal presentation of projects, licenses and photocopies. We will take care of all aspects of this tedious step in having your business in place, while you can continue tackling the other more important aspects of setting up your business. We offer a convenient and efficient service that always takens into consideration national and local legislation, restrictions and advantages for the new entrepreneur.